What makes a 3Mer ?

As 3Mers, we form a community of talented, diligent and creative people that together create a diverse and integrated work environment, allowing for mutual learning and inspiration. We lead in innovation thanks to our strong point - our diversity.




Our mission and values

Here at 3M, we firmly believe that diversity and inclusion are essential to innovation. We seek and value differences in people - in the way they think, the experience they have accumulated, their ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, gender, personalities, and even styles. Embracing those differences in our people is what drives our company forward and keeps us relevant. Diversity and inclusion management makes 3M a more responsible, open and creative company.

Belonging to a Community of People like You

  • Learning new things
  • Involvement in socially important projects
  • The need for impulse and strength of the Group to act
  • No get-up-and-go approach or discouragement
  • Independence and decision making, a sense of influence on one's life
  • Preferring teamwork to individual work
  • Following the trends and fashion
  • Do these statements feel just right? Then you would fit right in, here at 3M GSC Poland.

Development Stories

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Agnieszka Wereżyńska

Here at 3M, I am a Team Manager in Digital Marketing, which is one of the teams within the Customer Operations area...

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Damian Barański

Here at 3M, I work in the team responsible for handling electronic customer orders. However, my job is defined...

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Damian Stachowiak

Integration, family values and balance – this is how I could summarize my first impressions of working at 3M...

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